Ontera Solution was founded in August 2008, specialized in environment and process, offering comprehensive turnkey solutions ranging from advisory services, detailed design/drawings to installation and performance monitoring for various industrial facilities whereby environmental is a concern.

As a customer oriented organization, our extensive knowledge in the area of water/wastewater treatment and air pollution control enables us to assist our client by providing more effective, cleaner, legal and profitable business.

Descript service available as below ;

Submission for Approval to Department of Environment (DOE)

  • Approval for Wastewater Treatment Plant (Effluent Treatment)
  • Approval for Installation of Chimney, Scrubber, Duct Collector and Fuel Burning Equipment.

Performance Monitoring & Analysis

  • Wastewater Characteristic Study (WWCS)
  • Jar Test Chemical Application
  • Final Discharge Analysis and Report Submission
  • Air Emission Monitoring
  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
  • Laboratory (Chemical & Microbiology Analysis)

Engineering Design, Installation & Commissioning

  • Turnkey project for new or upgrading system
  • Engineering consultation

Others : Contract Servicing & Maintenance

  • Equipment & Instrument Servicing
  • On-Site Technician Training
  • Chemical Application Technology
  • Customized Service Contract
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